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What is JeepTales?

I have been rolling around in a Jeep® for many years. For nearly as far back as I can remember the idea of matching my machine and driving skills against nature's obstacle course seemed like a great way to pass time and an even better way to meet great folks that shared my unusual interest.

Twelve years ago I had an opportunity to attend my first organized off-roading event. It was a Jeep® Jamboree at the YO Ranch in Kerrville, Texas. I was working at a Jeep® Dealership in a neighboring community when my then parts manager invited me for a work weekend where we helped local Jeep® club members prepare the trails for the coming event.

While working on the trails I noticed the topography of the ranch was going to offer to all of the participants at this venue a mixture of moderately challenging terrain all the way to downright treacherous obstacles. All levels of drivers were going to have a chance to push their own Jeep® and off-roading skills as far to the edge of the envelope as they chose.

By the end of the second Jeep® Jamboree day my memories of the events that had taken place were absolutely overflowing. Although, I had logged plenty of trips with my friends before, two items stood out to me during the Jamboree that were unique and I've pondered over them repeatedly since that first work day:
  • The first was how unusual it was to have so many people from varying backgrounds with seemingly no connection other than off-roading and how they become life long friends afterwards.
  • The second and even more interesting was the compelling dynamic that was created during the social time after the driving was long past as we chatted in the lodge and around the campfire.
This is where the idea came to me… Wouldn't it be great if there were some way to archive the social interaction that takes place after all the Jeep® came in from their day on the trail? Admittedly, most participants share photos and movies while they exchange their stories about the day's exploits, but the real magic happens in the “Tales” and stories they share among themselves and other eavesdropping attendees over a cold one.

JeepTales is that archive; a site where trail participants will have the ability to share digital photos, digital movie clips, and the wonderful audio stories not only with each other but the rest of the world via the Internet. This site will allow the participants to save the magic of the moment and receive feedback from other off-roading enthusiast all over the world.

Enjoy your visit to JeepTales, tell your friends about this site and feel free to write back to us at feedback@JeepTales.com and let us know if you can think of anyway to improve our coverage.

Greg Machado
JeepTales Founder

Why should you get involved?

A new phenomena is happening now on the Internet called PodCasting. Essentially, people are taking back the airwaves by recording their own shows and putting them up for folks to listen to when they can't make the trail trip with you. Share the fun with them on their way to office or at the as they sit and work at chained to a PC or maybe at the gym.

As we searched for our own outlet, we quickly realized that some of the funniest and best stuff we were talking about happened when we were relaxing after our day on the trail. We weren't sure, but we figured there were some people who might laugh, and cry with us, so we started to record it.

Of course, since we started, we found out a lot more reasons:
  • Build your own archive of those late-night conversations so you never lose an argument again.
  • Give your friends that moved away a way to stay in touch with the old gang.
  • Meet new and interesting people while at off roading events - everyone wants to be on the radio.
  • Become a virtual rock-star and meet all kinds of new people as your online listeners grow.
How do I do it?

Before you get too worried, we should point out that not only is JeepTales simple to do, but also that we're building the tools to make it even simpler. That being said; here are the basics.

Basic Guidelines
  • Anyone can speak at any time, the loudest one wins
  • Anything goes, there's no filtering or editing the more realistic the better.

What You Need
  • A digital recording device (think MP3 Player or MiniDisc)
  • The area that's not too loud but not too quiet either…
  • A friend or two (at least one geeky enough to handle the techie stuff)
  • Download, we can help you with the syndication of your PodCast and posting your review and content.

Some Recommendations
  • Try to recruit a stranger early in the JeepTales
  • Determine your topics ahead of time for things to hit when you're at a lull
  • Try to record your JeepTales at any off-roading event while the stories are fresh
  • Try to keep the group size down to 4-5 maximum people
  • Involve people from your surroundings whenever possible
  • Designate one person to guide the discussion
  • Don't stare at the mic, be natural or it won't work
Who is doing it?

JeepTales still quite new and we're looking for brave new recruits to join us now so perhaps you know of an event we can record and add to our collection.

If you'd like to get involved with this project, you can do so by starting your very own JeepTales or you can contact any show and try to get in as a guest. We are always looking for other event content we can add to our site including your own Photos Reviews and PodCast.

If you've got one, please send us an e-mail at greg@jeeptales.com.

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