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Snowshoe Mountain JJUSA
July 20th - 22nd
Snowshoe, WV

When picking out the Jeep Jamboree's to attend this year, the Snowshoe Mountain JJUSA intrigued me for a couple reasons. One, it was fairly close to home and two, it looked like it was in a nice area of West Virginia near the Blue Ridge Mountain range. I was right on both accounts. The drive down did not take too long and I rolled into Snowshoe in the early evening on Thursday. What a drastic change from the bottom of the mountain and the top though on the drive up. On the drive up, it was thick fog/rain mix where you could barely see two feet in front of you! Moreover, there were some tight curves on the road up to the staging area you need to be aware of or risk an accident before Jamboree even starts. I got to the top and checked in for the evening at the registration. The "Top of the World" parking lot had a great view, but I could not see anything because of the weather on the first night. Checking in at the dome there were all sorts of trails to choose from to test your Jeep and driving skill. My Jeep was inspected for safety, I elected to try a few moderate trails, and I decided to take the easy one first, just to get a lay of the land and see what the mountain had to offer. This was the first Jamboree I had been to where you could choose two different trails each day.

Day 1 (Fire Tower Trail) - This started off going across the ski lift and ski slope areas on the mountain. There was no lack of deer along the way as well as they darted in and out of the woods around us. The trail took us around the ridge of the surrounding mountains until we finally arrived at the Fire Tower. Being afraid of heights, I wasn't able to climb all the way to the top, but even halfway up, I got a great view of the surrounding vista. The area was truly beautiful and all you could see the mountains in the distance. The people on the trail were very friendly and the trail guides helped out along the way in making sure everyone knew where the obstacles were and how to get around them. After the Fire Tower, we ventured into the woods again down a mountain biking trail. There were more stumps than you could shake a stick at. A few people got hung up on the stumps and the trail guides had to do some last minute lumberjacking to cut some trees out of the way. In addition, the Liberty in our group was able to find the one sharp stick poking out of the forest and gashed their tire pretty good. After a short time, the tire was changed and we were back running again. The trail ended at a cabin that had a great view of the valley below and looked like an excellent place for a weekendgetaway.

Day 2 (Yo-Yo) - Apparently this trail the day before should have been rated an 8 or 9 because people were sliding all over in the mud and getting stuck. This day we went around many of the spots that were challenging and took people what seemed like forever to get through and hit some of the mountainside. The weather was perfect for this day and had started with a great view of the fog below in the valley. On the Yo-Yo trail, there was great scenery as we wound through the forest and all over the mountainside.  The main obstacle being a small stream crossing and a little hill, tucked back in the woods.

Overall, it was a great this trips was a wonderful experience as well as excellent scenery at the Snowshoe Mountain Resort. Staying at the resort makes you feel like you are staying in was in some small village in Europe. The view every morning was excellent as we were 4,800 feet up above all the valley below us. Apparently, there are bear in the area, but I did not end up seeing any. The area around Snowshoe is a well-kept secret here in West Virginia, but I am sure the word is getting around about this Jeep Jamboree. See everyone next year!

I'll see you all on the trail soon,
Joe Behl,

If you have pictures or video to share from this event, email info@JeepTales.com and we will send you a link to upload your images.

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