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Jeep Jamboree 2007
Drummond Island, MI.
June 14-16th, 2007

The weather could not have been anymore beautiful for this weekend in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Sunny and hot all weekend made for great days to put the top down on the Wrangler. It was a picturesque sight driving across the Mackinac Bridge connecting the Lower and Upper Peninsula's on Thursday afternoon. The currents of the great lakes could be seen below as I drove across the bridge, making for a spectacular view.
Getting to Drummond Island is part of the adventure. Taking the ferry from DeTour village you get to see some of the people that will be joining you on the trails during the weekend. I would say the ferry was 80% Jeep Jamboree participants. The most noticeable Jeep that I saw when I first arrived at the check in was Colin's from Indiana. I could not tell if it was a work in progress or completed. I did know that he was without his doors and has quite the interesting "paint job" on it, but that only showed that he was ready to hit the tougher trails. At the trail sign-up and check in, I could tell the people were anxious to see what Drummond Island had to offer for off-roading. The group I went in was the black group, it was for the more inexperienced and stock vehicles. At the end of the weekend though, no one in our group could be considered "inexperienced". One of the reasons I went into that group was I had just met a couple guys from Minnesota who were here for the first time. Figured it would be good to at least know a few people along the trail.

Day One Black Trail: Starting off the trail was a bit dust... no, it was a lot dusty. I think I am still feeling the dust in my teeth. Eventually we got off the logging roads and into the deeper woods of the island. A few mud puddles here and there provided some good spots to play in with the Jeep. The scenery was beautiful as we drove along the rocky shores. One thing to know about Drummond is that there are rocks, and a lot of them. Most of the island is rocky so you know that the mud will not be too deep until you hit rocks. Before lunch we hit one of the highlights of Drummond... Marble Head. These rocky steps provide some skillful navigation to get down and back up. The scrapes and chips on the rocks showed what different lines people have taken at Marble Head. Our group crept down the rocks with the help of the trail guides that were out there. The trail guides for our group were Kevin and Jeff. They provided a great time and made sure everyone made it through safely without too much harm to themselves or their vehicle. Lunch at the top of the Marble Head provided a great view of Lake Huron and Canada beyond that.

Day Two Black Trail: This day was the day to venture through the Turtle Ridge ORV Park that was sectioned off on the island a few years ago. Unfortunately my Jeep was running a bit hot so I had to ride along with Kevin from our group in his Cherokee. Turtle Ridge provided some great areas to test your Jeep driving skills. The Citadel area had some really cool lines to try with your Jeep. Of course our group had to give Jim, in his built up Rubicon, some grief for going up the easy line at The Citadel. He was a good sport and I'm sure he'll be back to try the harder stuff another time. Later on at the ledges a few of the Jeeps tried the harder lines and made for some great photo opportunities. At the end of the day our whole group enjoyed their experience and thanked our trail guides for making the trip a success.

Drummond Island is a great place to get away for a while and enjoy nature at it's finest.

Thanks to Jeep Jamboree USA and all the trail guides & staff that made the weekend very enjoyable.

I'll see you on the trail soon,
Joe Behl

If you have pictures or video to share from this event, email info@JeepTales.com and we will send you a link to upload your images.

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Photo Galeries

Amparo Olivares - Black
Dave Vachon - White
David Fick - Blue
Jason Palmateer (Nightcrawler1) - Blue
Jill Tribell - Orange
Joe Behl - Black
John Barr - Blue
Karlis Vecziedins - White
Karlis Vecziedins - White
Mike Lundeen - Blue
Rob Arnold (Nightcrawler2) - Blue
Rob Tuttle - Purple
Scott Sier - Blue
Sky Tribell - Orange
Tracie Harmon - Red


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