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Weeks of wet weather makes for new challenges
@ The 2006 Pine Barrens Jeep Jamboree

After weeks and weeks ofrain, right up to, and including, the Friday morning line-up for the 8th Annual Pine Barrens Jeep Jamboree, after all that time the rain finally stopped!If you are familiar with New Jersey's Pine Barrens trails, you know that you do not need weeks of rain to have a LOT of wet trails and deep water crossings. So all this rain was making me and my Liberty a bit nervous! But, I extended my breathers, packed plenty of WD-40 and brought extra boots for the weekend, then hit the road.

I find it fascinating that within a few hours of driving, you can go from some of the rockiest mountain terrain like the Poconos or theCatskills Jeep Jamboree, to some of the softest, whitest sands you'll find anywhere.South Jersey is home to some of the best beaches in the country. The sand is everywhere; not just at the beach. This makes for a different kind of trail than I've done before. And the mud is VERY different, and requires different driving techniques that the local trail guides were very willing to share with us. (Those guys don't even worry much about airing down!)Deep water crossings. Long stretches of smooth sand. Narrow, wooded trails. Yes, this Jamboree had everything but rocks and hills.I like rocks and hills, but sand and water are cool too.

After being warned ("stay away from the cranberry trails - they'll sink ya!") I signed up for the White trail for Friday (Sandy Ridge I think it was called). It was fun, if not a bit boring. But the water holes were deep, so that was fun. We did have some on-trail repairs to keep things interesting as well.Plus, hiking up the huge fire observation tower was an experience for everyone! That thing is high! (Highest point in South Jersey at about 300ft above sea level; I told you there were no hills!)

For Saturday, beginners and veterans alike wanted more. So we went for Orange. They told us the only difference between Orange (Pine somethingorother was the name) and Red (Cranberry somethingorther was that name) was that the Orange trail had about 15 (2-3' deep) water crossings, and Red had about 30 of them!15 sounds like plenty to me!And it was. I had my best water crossing to date. Check out the video clips to view it. I made it through where a few locked Rubicons didn't. Everyone got stuck at least once that day.

That brings up another interesting point about the terrain.I learned that for the deep ruts and soft mud, you need height and tires first, and lockers right behind. Lockers are key there, but proved useless to those without lifts once they got stuck in deep ruts and were basically resting on their undercarriages.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable event. The people were great as always. I recognized many faces from other Jamborees in the Tri-State New York area. My son had a blast and did his best to represent JeepTales.com, making sure every man, woman and child knew of this great file-sharing web site!

Now I can say we've done Pine Barrens.Next up, Paragon in September.That'll give me my fill of rocks for sure!See you then.

I almost forgot: There were a few folks willing to sacrifice their socks to keep the others dry. Thanks to Mike (aka Swamp Thing), Ryan and the others. You know who you are! From the bottom of my dry boots:THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

See you on the trial again soon,
Adam S. Rosenfeld
N.E. JeepTales.com Agent

If you have pictures or video to share from this event, email info@JeepTales.com and we will send you a link to upload your images.

Podcast (audio files)


Aaron climbs the fire tower
AKA 120 gets girl wet
AKA 120 Vapor Lock
Chris and kids fording
Danny fording
Dannys girl shows him up
Grand HEMI
KJ Adam AMAZING performance
KJ Adam AMAZING success
KJ Adam playing around
KJ Steve fording
KJ Steve playing in mudpit
KJ Steve stuck
KJ stock in mud
LIE beginning
MA Scott up to doors
PA Scott and Rubi in deep
PA Scott fording
PA Scott in deep mud
Red TJ fording deep
Red TJ Water Crossing
Silver TJ fording
Snorkel Rubi fording
Strong Man Pull
Trail Guide gets muddy
tree in axle
Water Help

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