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YO Ranch teams with SW4WDA for tons of fun

Southwest Four Wheel Drive presents "YO Wheeling" in beautiful Mountain Home, Texas on September 29th - October 1st, 2006. The event was in memory of Jim Parker of the Lone Star Jeep Club. There were 145 registered and 25 trail guide vehicles. Over 300 guests attended the SWFWD Fall Quarterly event. Saturday evening Buzzie's BBQ fed 292 people.

Thanks to Buzzie's BBQ, Randy's Save Inn Restaurant, and the Divide Volunteer Fire Department no one went hungry over the weekend. There were 45 door prizes and 20 youth door prizes to include; Cooper tires, $650 Fab Fours custom stinger bumper, $500 Terra Flex gift certificate from Jeep Masters (Austin, Texas), $300 gift certificate from PSC Motorsports. The event was hosted by Austin Jeep Exclusive who designed and sold T-shirts. Thank you, someone finally thought of the small people and offered youth sizes. CJ's Adventure Flix's videoed and sold event DVD's.

Sam and Margo Davis coordinated the event for the ranch. They did an outstanding job. Not only did they make sure we didn't starve there was gasoline, limited parts for breakage and ice all available to purchase. Numerous organizations participated in the event to include Austin Jeep Exclusive, Lone Star Jeep Club, San Antonio Jeep Exclusive, Fritztown and last but not least, JeepTales.

The weather was fabulous. The ranch was covered in purple flowers and the wild life was out 'n about. Registration opened Thursday evening. The drivers' meeting was held bright and early Friday morning; then off to the staging areas where drivers were very eager to hit the trails. Below are few recaps of events throughout the weekend.

"The funniest story to me was getting a new owner in his 2005 Yellow Jeep Rubicon hooking up an un-locked Sammie on a tow strap to assist him in getting to the top of Lonnie's Lookout (the highest point on the ranch) on day one. The Trail guide said "Nice and Slow" The Rubicon owner must have thought he said "Gentleman Start your Engines". That light blue Sammie looked like a Coors Light can tide to the back of a wedding limo heading up the hill at 30+ miles an hour. Fortunately, we have a few pictures of this in the JeepTales albums. In some photos you can see all four wheels of the Sammie off the ground at the same time. I've spoken two both drivers since the event and both of them can hardly wait to get back to the YO."  Greg Machado

One Jeep owner, "Les" rolled Friday afternoon. At camp that evening bruising began to appear on the side of his face, yet Saturday morning he had his ribs taped up and off on the trails again. The hood of his Jeep looked a little wrinkled, but it endured the tumble like a Wrangler should. His version of the story was very animated with great sound effects. If you catch him at a future event ask him to tell the story. He's a great story teller.

See you on the trail soon,

Melissa Neel

If you have pictures or video to share from this event, email info@JeepTales.com and we will send you a link to upload your images.

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