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Hot Springs 2006 JJUSA

Fall is such a beautiful time of year, and it was never more apparent than at the staging area Friday morning. The sun rose over the hills to reveal the vibrant colors Mother Nature blessed us with for what turned out to be an amazing weekend. Red, yellow, orange, and green have never stood out as boldly as they did to me this weekend while I was driving through the trails, and around the host city of Hot Springs.

The local coordinators Donnie and John bragged about ordering the perfect weather at the Friday morning drivers meeting, but they were unaware of just how right they were. The weather for the weekend turned out better than anyone could have expected. With the sun beaming down through the radiant colors of the tree tops, and a slight breeze to keep things cool, many people removed the tops and doors from their Jeeps to enjoy the weather as we navigated the trails. After all 74 Jeeps completed the sign in process and the drivers meeting, the JeepTales representatives and 24 other Jeeps hit the trails of the Superlift Off-Road Park. The first trail was a more scenic drive for everyone to become familiar with the group, the principles of off-roading, and to learn to keep the person behind you in your rear view mirror at all times. Once everyone felt more comfortable with their vehicles and the leadership provided by the trail guides, we hit a harder trail with a nice hill climb to test the nerves of the "first timers" and their passengers. The first day was closed with a delicious catfish dinner catered in from Hot Springs.

After a fun night out enjoying the Hot Springs night life, and a nice night sleep in the local hotel, the Jamboree continued Saturday morning at 7:30 am. We joined the Yellow group for the day's adventures in an effort to meet more people. The weather was spectacular again, but a little more brisk than the previous morning. After the drivers meeting, the yellow group hit the trails for a very enjoyable day of wheeling and watching others climb (or try to climb) hills and obstacles. The yellow group went on some very tough hill climbs and descents; at one point, we were informed by one of the group members that the departure angle of the descents was 34 degrees. That may not sound like much, but at 40 degrees the rear end of the Jeep doesn't like to stay on the ground. We saved the best for last and ended the day with a trail that had some big rocks, ledges, and a loose hill climb. As everyone cleared the trail you could hear the muttering of "Wow that was awesome!" which just reinforced that it was the best trail of the day.

As the sun was setting on another glorious day of wheeling, story sharing, and friendly exchanges, everyone gathered under the Superlift pavilion. BBQ was the catered meal for the evening, and pictures were displayed on the big screen in anticipation of the door prizes. Once the dinners were completed, kids in the crowd were selected to draw the names and the prizes were awarded one by one. A stunning trend became apparent - the majority of the initial winners were first time Jamboree participants. But that was shorted lived as people with 2 to 9 Jamboree appearances started taking home some prizes as well. Once the prizes were all handed out, everyone mingled, and exchanged information with their newly acquired friends. The love of Jeeps, Mother Nature, and good friends were the 3 keys to this very successful weekend.

See you on the trail again soon,
Mark Toye & Rachel Bruner
Team JeepTales

If you have pictures or video to share from this event, email info@JeepTales.com and we will send you a link to upload your images.

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Photo Galeries

Black-Green-Mike Mclamroch
Black-Yellow-Chris Bridges
Green-Angela Paget
Green-April Schoenberg
Green-Brenda Horn
Red-Black-Rick Moses
Red-Bob Croddy
Red-Ernie Beauvais
Red-Orange-Rose Diaz
Red-Ernie Beauvais
Red-Yellow-Mark Toye
Red-Yellow-Mike Rhoads
Red-Yellow-Rachel Bruner
Yellow-Mark Patterson
Yellow-Red-Karen Williams
Yellow-Sarah Sanchez
Yellow-Tyler Hutchinson
Red / Orange- Keith Strickland


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