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The 2005 Poconos Big Boulder Jeep® Jamboree

After a long winter, Spring has finally sprung. For 2005, the first weekend of Spring in the Northeast meant a HOT (90*) and sunny weekend. PERFECT weather to go off-roading at the 4th Annual Poconos Big Boulder Jeep Jamboree!

For me and my friends, it was a classic tale that started with HORRIBLE traffic on the Cross Bronx. If you know the road, you can sympathize. If you've never been there, consider yourself lucky. But it wound up being the place where we met up with others going to the Jam. Our four Jeep convoy made the 140 mile trip fun.

We rolled in to the inspection station right at 5:00 on Thursday to find a large crowd already there. LET THE FUN BEGIN!

Cutting to the trail:

Friday's run was on Buck Hollow. This trail is rated 5-8 as I recall. It would prove to be the toughest trail I've ever taken my Liberty on. YES, I WHEEL MY LIBERTY! NO, THAT'S NOT SPRAY-ON MUD FROM A CAN!

I can sum up the day with one word: ROCKS! Lots and lots of rocks! it was both fun and challenging. Our guides were super and made navigating the tough terrain that much more enjoyable. It was fun to watch the trail guides, as well as the other Jeepers, gain confidence in our little KJ's as the day progressed. Garry R. and I were the two modified KJ's, and as usual we had to overcome not only nature's obstacles, but also the prejudices of everyone in a SFA Jeep. It wasn't long before we were getting comments like: "you Liberty's are doing GREAT! I was worried that we'd be held up by you when I saw you on our lineup this morning." I'll take that as a compliment and move on.

But I digress. The Pennsylvania mountains are full of, well, everything; bears, deer, rattlers, frogs, fish, butterflies and birds. We saw about half on that list. Turns out the Rattle snakes LOVE the rock trails! Keep on the trail and you'll be fine. Brian, our trail guide, already mentioned he wasn't sucking any venom from anyone that wasn't "his type!"

Saturday - Majestic Eagle

Friday's trail was tough. So tough, in fact, that on Saturday, all but seven Jeeps switched to a different trail! That made other runs that much more crowded. We ran Majestic Eagle, named for the bird that we hoped to see, but didn't. This trail, by the way, never had a Liberty on it. We took two there and NEVER took a bypass. Not only that, but I made several obstacles on the first try that a few Rubicons got stuck on! HAH!

The Majestic is a decent intermediate trail with some tough hill climbs. It's a WONDERFULLY diverse and scenic trail. It had rocks (just enough), hills, water, grass, woods, and just a bit of mud.

The Rodeo

I must say, I didn't expect to enjoy, let alone participate in, a Jeep Rodeo. It was fun. My 5 year old son, Aaron, watched a few Jeeps do the courses and then had the realization that we could do this. So we did. With the help of a slightly taller copilot to help with the navigator's duties, we had a blast.

All in all, it was a terrific time had by all that left us wanting for more. We're already registered for the Catskills run in September.

Check out the pics, video clips, and then look for us in the Fall!

Happy Trails.
Adam Rosenfeld

If you have pictures or video to share from this event, email it to info@JeepTales.com

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