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The 2005 Palo Duro Jeep® Jamboree is in the record books

I have been to a lot of Jamborees over the years but this particular event will be one that stands out in my memory for many years to come. The weather was exceptional, the food lived up to its legendary finger-licking heritage and the hospitality of the host club and the ranch staff would easily rival even the finest 5 Star Resort anywhere in the world. Add in miles of off-roading trails spread over 7,000 acres of red sandy dirt and a sky that boast so many visible stars you could not count them in three nights.

This combination of people, trails, fun, great food & terrain is an event that no one should ever miss. If you have ever thought about attending a Jeep Jamboree in the south put this on your list. I will caution you of this: the conditions of the camping area are primitive there is no running water, no shower areas and cell phones do not work on the canyon floor. If your coach, motor home or trailer are self contained and the ranch staff will guide you back up to surface before dark and will lead you back down in the morning. But if you are camping in the canyon be prepared to "Rough It". I opted for staying in the canyon and I'm glad that I did although I did miss my usual early morning Hazel Nut Cappuccino it was well worth the sacrifice.

If you are wondering about the photo I selected for the homepage here is a brief story of why I put it there. I spent a year working in Amarillo as an automotive consultant. My job had me traveling between Amarillo, Plainview, Lubbock and Slaton several times a week. Every night as I returned home to Amarillo I would drive by this lone tree and windmill that stands beside the highway between Tulia and Amarillo. As I passed each night I realized it would make an incredible photo opportunity. But for some odd reason I never stopped to snap the picture. This time was going to be different I planned my trip to be in the area between 7:45 and 8:15 to give me a window of opportunity for this photo as the sunset in the background. My late departure benefited me in one other way. By not arriving in time for the Thursday evening sign-up I narrowly missed a massive hailstorm that damaged a lot of participants Jeeps.

I wanted this photo to remind me of the year I spent working the West Texas Panhandle as a sort of memento of all the wonderful people I met while I lived there. Now that the Jamboree is all over I have two reasons for wanting this photo. I think I'll make at a tradition and take one every year as I make my way to other Palo Duro Jeep Jamborees for years to come.

Enjoy your visit to this edition of Jeep Tales and thank you for your support.

Greg Machado
Jeep Tales Founder

Podcast (audio files)

Palo Duro Jeepers set 1
Palo Duro Jeepers set 2
Palo Duro Jeepers set 3


Photo Galeries

"Blupupher" Palo Duro Preview
Chris Banta (Yellow Group)
Chris Pavoris 1 (Yellow Group)
Chris Pavoris 2 (Yellow Group)
Rachel Bruner (Brown Group)
Mark Waldron (Brown Group)
Marilyn Childress (White Group)
Greg Machado (Black Group)
Palo Duro Food
Dina Reed (Brown Group)
John Payne (Orange Group)
Bryan Russell (Blue Group)
Greg Havlik (Yellow Group)
Doug Boyett (Brown Group)
George Mayer (Orange Group)
Shawn Thomas (Yellow Group)

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